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Improving digital connectivity across regional, rural and remote Australia.



Connecting Goondiwindi

"We cannot speak highly enough of the relationship that we have with Channel Wireless, helping us to deliver much needed internet coverage to over 300 rural residents and business in the Goondiwindi region"

- Trent Murray, Director CBNCo.

In 2017, Channel Wireless approached Goondiwindi Communications with a solution to their regional connectivity problems (Slow speeds, patchy service and lack of support from major national telecommunications providers). 

The result. Goondiwindi Communications formed CBNCo to service the rural community. Channel Wireless designed and now provides ongoing management of a fixed wireless internet network for CBNCo in Goondiwindi. Channel Wireless also provisioned a telco in a box solution for CBNCo including pricing models, support, tools and training to perform all installations, provide all local support, network maintenance and sales into the local community. 


Principal Contractor / QCN Fibre

Channel Wireless has been appointed Principal COntractor to ACN Fibre for a number of significant projects under the Regional Connectivity Program. 

QCN Fibre was born from the Advance Queensland Initiative, with the express goal to 'Back our Regions to Compete Globally'. QCN Fibre are jointly owner by Powerlink and Energy Queensland, whose telecommunications network we utilise. 

We provide Internet and Retail Service Providers increased transmission capability through unlocking unused space on these established state of the art, stable optical networks. 

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