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Govt announce QCNFibre & Channel Wireless to deliver 100mbps to business and residents in rural Qld

Updated: May 16, 2022

Press Release May 16, 2022

The federal government has announced $43.5million in grant funding for 21 projects across Queensland under the Regional Connectivity Program Round 2.

Queensland government-owned copproration QCN Fibre has secured $5.4million grant to deploy a fixed wirelesss network and fibre backhaul to improve connectivity to towns currently relying on NBN fixed wireless with very low speeds.

QCN Fibre has revealsed it will work with RSP Channel Wireless on the program to deliver speeds of at least 100Mbps to businesses and residents in the townships.

Channel Wireless work with QCN Fibre will initially be in the areas and townships of ....

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